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Applying to Blood Sweat and Tiers

We ask that all potential applicants read the following posts (if you haven't already):

  • Blood Sweat and Tiers is an established guild, built with HM progression in mind, so we want you to read about our initial goals.
  • About Blood Sweat and Tiers explains what prompted our creation and our primary set of core ideals.
  • We're looking for a very specific type of person/raider for Blood Sweat and Tiers, so read our Raider Expectations.

We've got tons more information out there for you to read, and hopefully you've already checked to make sure you can make our raid times!

Some of our "Mantras of Raiding"
  • "Show me 25 people alive at the enrage timer, I will show you a dead boss" - Situational Awareness is the most valuable skill.
  • "Play what you love, not what your asked to" - We want people playing the role and style they want, and wont fit square pegs.
  • "Consistency is King" - Smaller roster and higher attendance lead to a more consistent raid environment

Once you're all set, please CLICK HERE to apply.
by Tabhoo on Dec 05, 2012 at 09:40 AM
Congratulations on completing the normal modes and successfully killing two more hard modes in Mogu'shan Vaults to achieve 4/16 HM.

The current BS&T Raid Team Members include:
Bhambhoo, Darthblunt, Warguard, Kaíoken, lolkriep, Pinkiepîe, Soulglol, Elqueso, Hahyestwo, Blighted, Tabhoo, Racquelle, Elektrical, Daishí, Jasmine, Bloom, Lachadamus, Papayan, Sheldor, Daedria, Strebla, Giggitee, Mythdia, Rvst, Anchal, Eveleron, Nnatatattat, Nicolette, Krogn, Zagreas.